American Odds and Pricing

If you’re interested in sports betting, there are many different sportsbooks to choose from. You should take into account several factors when choosing an online sportsbook, including the sign-up bonus, offers, and pricing. In this article, we will go over the American odds and pricing. We’ll also discuss the special features of some of the best sportsbooks.


Sportsbook offers a wide variety of promotions for customers. These offers range from a percentage of the bet back in bonus cash to enhanced odds tied to certain sports. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each offer carefully before claiming it. This way, you can maximize your profits.


Pricing of sportsbooks is an important aspect of the sports betting industry. In order to make money, sportsbooks need to collect a percentage of the money bet on a game. In sports betting, this percentage is called vig and is based on the probabilities of the game. The sportsbooks set their prices according to this percentage and must ensure that they offer odds that are fair to both sides.

Sign-up bonuses

If you’re a new customer at a sportsbook, it’s important to take advantage of sign-up bonuses before you start placing bets. These promotions will double your money up to 100% of your first deposit. You can also earn a refer-a-friend bonus if you refer a friend to sign up at that sportsbook.

American Odds

An American Odds sportsbook offers betting odds in decimal format. Using decimal odds, you can calculate a return on your bet by multiplying it by a base number, usually 100. This is a more common format used in overseas betting exchanges, but you may also find it at US sportsbooks. The decimal odds indicate a bettor’s expected return based on the stake amount.

Alternate lines

Alternate lines in a sportsbook are betting markets that allow you to alter the point spread and total points of a particular game. These are based on handicapping points, and you can purchase or sell points to alter the odds. The goal is to increase your profits and decrease your risk. Alternate lines are generally found in popular sports such as baseball, football, basketball, and tennis.

Parlay bets

Parlay bets are bets on more than one game. They combine individual bets to make one large bet. These bets are usually more difficult to win than a normal bet, but the payouts can be huge. These bets are not recommended for long-term moneymaking, though.